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Like you, we love our dogs  - and we wanted to make sure we were giving them the best we could. But reading through ingredient lists and manufacturing processes to find ‘the best’ was hard work. After a lot of research, we finally found a selection of products that we had complete confidence in. Friends and family soon started to ask us about them, and it wasn’t long before Dog Only Nose was born.
We now work with carefully chosen suppliers to sell high quality, nutritious treats online Our Shop and at events around the UK Events. We’re always adding to our range, and every product is still fully researched by us before being given the bark of approval by our (very willing) taste testers, Barney and Blue.
Chatting about dogs (especially their food and treats) is one of our favourite pastimes, so if you have any questions please pop by if we’re at an event near you or send us a message online Contact Us. We’d love to hear from you.
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Donna & Steve


Arrrooooo! We share our sofa with beagles Barney and Blue: 



Likes - sleeping upside down on the sofa, snuggles in front of the TV, and going to the beach

Dislikes - going to the vet

Achievements - Barney has won several rosettes in his time, and is the one to beat in any biscuit eating competition

Favourite treat - Pooch's Bones


Likes - rolling in anything ‘scented’, taking a more creative approach to obedience classes, and making new friends

Dislikes - bath time!

Achievements - Blue has won numerous titles including ‘saddest eyes’ and ‘most handsome rescue’

Favourite treat - Finer By Nature Tubs