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Pooch's have developed a range of healthy, natural treats concentrating on a high meat content.  These treats are hand made and baked in a barn on the Royal Sandringham estate.  They are low in fat but high in taste.  No preservatives, flavourings or colourings.  They use fresh, local meat and are fully regulated through DEFRA & Trading Standards.  The packaging is also environmentally friendly.

Pig n Mix Box includes:
A selection of Pooch's treats in a giant pork scratching including Chicken & Rice Stixs, Venison Stix, Fish Fingers, Spare Ribs, Chicken & Carrot Bones, Liver & Bacon Bones, Roast Beef Bones, Cheese Bones, Steak & Kidney Bones, Apple, Ginger & Goats Yoghurt Snaps, Pork Scratchings displayed in a windowed box

Seafood Mix Box includes:
A selection of Pooch's treats including Fish skin chews, Crispy Prawns, Salmon & White Fish Cakes, Sprats, Fish Fingers displayed in a windowed box
100% natural, low in fat, Hypoallergenic and Gluten Free